• The problem of intelligent network automobile development

    From the current, China is in intelligent made cars and intelligent traffic ways is based, on the one hand, in terms of research, in 863 under the natural science foundation of these plans, we carry out a lot of work, the association also promote car industry and the natural science foundation in rent joint venture to create a natural science fund, is the technology to carry out the research. Now the automobile enterprises are also active, you know shangqi and ali, dongfeng and chang 'an and huawei, faw is also carrying out this work. On the other hand, the development of China's communication network has actually provided a very good foundation for the development of intelligent networked vehicles. the

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  • Technical application of electric vehicle

    From the Angle of the car, talk about my perception of smart car and the traffic, you know the car is now 100 years of history, but the car is actually through continuous revolution, constant innovation and development to now, we can see from the PPT the first car was born in 1886, where is the age of automotive innovation, now known as the maybach, Citroen, and so on is the name of the inventor, is the European man invented the automobile. But in the first and second years of the last century, the famous Henry Ford in the United States improved the way cars were made. In fact, he did not improve the way cars were made. He created the users of cars

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  • 2020 overseas exhibition information

    Jakarta, Indonesia international auto parts exhibition time: 3/29-4/1; Booth no. : d1c2-10; Frankfurt (Mexico) international auto parts exhibition Automechanika Mexico time: April 13-15; Booth no. : 3915; College Frankfurt (Dubai) international auto parts expo Automechanika Dubai time: on May 8-10; Booth no. : 1-a44;

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  • On the new energy car market subsidies

    On July 5, Beijing auto new energy corp. 's first private electricity-changing model showed how to change electricity quickly in the model room of an electrical changing station. From January to June, the production and sales of new-energy vehicles increased by 94.9% and 111.5% respectively, much better than in previous years. With the implementation of the new subsidy policy, the market pattern of pure electric vehicles has changed a lot, and the long-endurance models that meet the demands of consumers have become the choice of more consumers. Experts expect that the annual production and sales of new energy vehicles will exceed one million units. In the next few years, as production capacity is released at an accelerated pace and subsidies continue to decline, the new energy vehicle industry will face a market test.

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